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Since its debut in 2012, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival has quickly become an attraction for world class musicians and music aficionados alike. During the Festival weekend, Cape May transforms into a jazz village as fans and musicians make their pilgrimage to the little town by the sea to witness first-rate performances from award winning, critically acclaimed artists, exciting new artists on the scene, and local favorites. JazzTimes said of the Festival weekend it must be like that in Sundance when Hollywood comes to their town.

Headline performances for the 2015 Spring Edition of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival will be announced January 21, 2015.
Hotel Packages launch January 21, 2015.
Complete Festival Line-up & Tickets on sale February 2, 2015.

Festival Office for Tickets & Information

Press Inquiries
Janlyn PR, 347-726-8325.

Exit Zero Jazz also wishes to thank personally the following people for their belief in the Festival and how it creates a positive cultural and economic impact for Cape May and the surrounding community: Edward J. Mahaney, Jr., Jerome E. Inderwies, Jr., Beatrice Gauvry-Pessagno, Shane P. Meier, Joe Carney, Chuck and Hillary Pritchard, John Cooke, Frank Scott, Robert Giddis, Sue Priester, Bernadette Matthews, Jack Wright, Payton Bowman, Jason Black, Curtis Bashaw, Sue & Bob Simon, Bryant Simon, Milt Edelman, Pam Kaithern, Larry Hirsch, Stevan Overby, Yogi Kuertz, Michael Zuckerman, Sue Lotozo, Eliza Lotozo, Eric Wright, Carol Sabo, Jana La Sorte, Erika Duffee, Heather Saul, Deacon and Dixie Kline, Raynel Frazier, Ernest Gregory, Richard Conde, George Wirt, Thomas Von Muenster, Colleen Buckley, Mike Bernstein, Joanne and Dan Long, Wendy Guiles, The O’Hara Family, Joe Lotozo, Bill Bezaire, Chris Bezaire, Linda and Bob Steenrod, Patrick Logue, Cindy Smylick, Michael Zuckerman, Will Pike, Lori Francis, Pat Jackson, Susan who does the food, Christian Jacopec, Jana Herzen, Robin Tomchin, Chris DiAntonio, Todd Desatnick, Bill & Dorrie Laufman, Starr Taylor, Paul Kahane, and so many more. Thank you!


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