WYNTON MARSALIS has been described as the most outstanding jazz musician and trumpeter of his generation, as one of the world’s top classical trumpeters, as a big band leader in the tradition of Duke Ellington, a brilliant composer, a devoted advocate for the Arts and a tireless and inspiring educator. He carries these distinctions well. His life is a portrait of discipline, dedication, sacrifice, and creative accomplishment.

    The sound of Wynton Marsalis’ band is inspired by the basic principals of democracy. According to Marsalis, what you hear in a great jazz band is the sound of democracy.
    “The jazz band works best when participation is shaped by intelligent communication.”
    Wynton Marsalis returns to Exit Zero Jazz Festival with his Quintet, Saturday, November 12.


    “She has poise, elegance, soul, humor, sensuality, power, virtuosity, range, insight, intelligence, depth and grace,” Wynton Marsalis asserts. “I’ve never heard a singer of her generation who has such a command of styles,” remarks pianist Aaron Diehl. “She radiates authority,” critic Ben Ratliff wrote in The New York Times in response to one of her post-competition performances, and a few weeks later his colleague Stephen Holden announced that “Ms. McLorin Salvant has it all…. If anyone can extend the lineage of the Big Three—Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald—it is this 23-year-old virtuoso.”


    “It was quite shocking,” says James “Jimbo” Mathus, the Squirrel Nuts Zippers founder, of his band’s meteoric and rather unexpected mid-nineties fame. “We had been working in isolation and had played a lot of gigs by that time,” he says, “to see people just insane about this music, we were shocked, we had no idea we were really reaching people.”


    Frank Bey is a natural at crowd-pleasing. Audiences are always left chanting for more. His rich and exquisite style is presented with such feeling that each member of the audience can relate Frank’s song to his or her own experiences. Opening the Blues Revue is Selwyn Birchwood and his band followed by Frank Bey with full blown horn section and special guest Davina Sowers!


    Jazz in Europe’s critic Johan van Deeg wrote …“The Jost Project is without a doubt one of the most creative bands I have heard for years and vocalist Paul Jost one of the best male jazz vocalists that I have heard since Mark Murphy.

    All About Jazz’s Jakob Baekgaard said … “Jost is truly an exceptional singer, instrumentalist and arranger …He masters every thinkable nuance of the singer’s palette, from lightning-fast scatting to smoky, blues phrasings and elegant crooning.”

    Michael Barbiero record producer/engineer for The Allman Brothers, Joe Cocker, Guns N’ Roses,
    Metallica, Whitney Houston and many more … “You nailed it totally. This has me positively speechless.”


    Refreshing and invigorating, Jamison Ross is the epitome of soul. A composer, arranger, vocalist and drummer, Jamison combines his gifts to present a unique offering to the world of Jazz. His Grammy-nominated debut release, Jamison, takes listeners on a musical journey that unifies his drumming abilities and vocal gifting.


    Brooklyn nine-piece party-starters Red Baraat are thus far the most exciting local prospect of this short year, a fiery blend of raucous Indian bhangra and funky New Orleans brass. The result, needless to say, is completely riotous. Their debut CD, Chaal Baby is an unstoppable blend of Bollywood hijacks and funk freakier than anything Madlib picked up on his trip to India.” – THE VILLAGE VOICE

    “There was a raucous finale. The last set belonged to Red Baraat, a Brooklyn brass band that looks to South Asia, pumping out Bollywood tunes and Sufi songs with a crackling beat (from the two headed dhol drum) and the muscle of horns blasting in unison, putting some New York bluster atop faraway roots.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

    “Favorite Live Shows of 2011? – NPR, ALL SONGS CONSIDERED


    There’s a reason that musical trailblazers from Galactic to DJ Logic have recently chosen to collaborate with High and Mighty Brass Band! and legends such as Dr. John, Rebirth Brass Band, and Trombone Shorty have chosen them to share the stage. Co-mingling band members from New Orleans, NYC, and a host of other cities across the globe, this dynamic krewe has the unique ability to combine classic New Orleans Funk and R&B with more modern Afro-Beat and Hip Hop influences.
    Their live performances are both fiercely entertaining and refreshingly inspiring, connecting the band with each and every audience member. Just catching a single performance will make it abundantly clear why HMBB! is known as “a party in progress!”

  • DAVIS ROGAN “Like New Orleans, Davis is one bad move away from falling on his ass. And yet, on at least every other occasion, he’s the cat that drops from the tree and lands on his feet. Much as New Orleans somehow manages to do.” David Simon

    “Davis minces no words and pulls no punches, like the Crescent City itself, he is a force to be
    contended with.”
    Ani DiFranco

    “Davis Rogan is a funky, unfettered genius.”
    Jonathan Lethem

    “Davis Rogan is an idiot savant, I think they call them savants now. I’m a big fan.”
    Sarah Silverman


    “Recalls the New Orleans music of roughly a century ago, with youthful, high-spirited aplomb.”
    Nate Chinen, The New York Times

    “Made up of young devotees whose balance of spunk and funk keeps the heart of traditional jazz beating…”
    The New Yorker

    “…one of the zingiest of the new hot jazz bands from the Crescent City…”
    The Wall Street Journal


    “Sosa is a versatile pianist with a big sound, especially strong in the extreme registers, and his fast fingers dig into
    montunos and Herbie Hancock jazz chords.” Ben Ratliff, THE NEW YORK TIMES

    “Although Cuba has produced more than its share of leonine jazz pianists, Sosa stands out among them, and not only because of the
    crystalline beauty of his touch and the nimbleness of his technique. A deeply spiritual player, Sosa more often than not puts his virtuosity
    aside to play the simplest, single-note melody or to linger over a radiant, chorale-like series of harmonies.” Don Heckman, LOS ANGELES TIMES

    “A new phase in the jazz and Cuban music linkage is being unveiled by gifted pianist Omar Sosa. Previous blendings of the two genres have tended to emphasize the powerful energies of Afro-Cuban rhythms in combination with the harmonic structures and improvisational qualities of jazz. Sosa, however,has moved beyond the parallelism of musical elements into a kind of natural, organic expressiveness in which the musics’ separate identities are replaced by a seamless, creative mutuality.” Howard Reich, CHICAGO TRIBUNE


    “…Bunnett integrates her flute and soprano sax into the Cubans’ music, giving us the best of the past and the contemporary.” – JazzTimes


    These tunes range from beautifully melodic to funky and fun. Great, great playing and vocals, infectious soulful grooves… Stop Time never stops pleasing the ears.”
    Chuck Leavell, The Rolling Stones

    “Stop Time is a gem of direct songwriting and elegant playing.”
    Benmont Tench, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

    “The album is a joy to listen to.”
    Larry Crane, Tape Op


    “A powerhouse player and emotive performer…his band, his material and both his skilled guitaring and soulful vocals are the essence of fully-formed. Birchwood is a major player. Highly recommended.”
    —Rolling Stone

    “Selwyn Birchwood is an indelibly modern and original next-generation bluesman; his tough vocals, guitar and lap steel touch on classic Chicago blues, Southern soul and boogie.” —Washington Post

    “Watch out for Selwyn Birchwood…a genius revelation and a pleasure. Roaring Fender Strat and down-south lap steel guitar.” —Blues Matters

    “Selwyn Birchwood is making waves, surprising people and defying expectations. Be on the lookout. He revels in the unexpected.” —Living Blues


    Festival favorite Davina & the Vagabonds swing into Exit Zero Jazz Festival for the third year in a row. Catch Davina in Carney’s Main Room Friday night & Saturday afternoon, and on the Cape May Convention Hall Stage with the Frank Bey Blues Revue Saturday night!

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Since its debut in 2012, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival has quickly become an attraction for world class musicians and music aficionados alike. During the Festival weekend, Cape May transforms into a jazz village as fans and musicians make their pilgrimage to America’s original seaside resort to witness first-rate performances from award winning, critically acclaimed artists, exciting new artists on the scene, and local favorites. JazzTimes said of the Festival weekend it must be like that in Sundance when Hollywood comes to their town.

Exit Zero Jazz also wishes to thank the following people for their belief in the Festival and how it creates a positive cultural and economic impact for Cape May and the surrounding community: Deacon and Dixie Kline, Wendy Guiles, Will Pike, Joe Carney, Chuck and Hillary Pritchard, Dave & Chris Clemans, Ellen Shaw, John & Pete K, John Cooke, Robert Giddis, Sue Priester, Shane P. Meier, Jack Wight, Jana Herzen, Frank Scott, Ryan Krill, Bernadette Matthews, Payton Bowman, Curtis Bashaw, Susan & Bryant Simon, Susan Ross, Milt Edelman, Pam Kaithern, Larry Hirsch, Sue Lotozo, Eliza Lotozo, Carol Sabo, Heather Saul, Ernest Gregory, Richard Conde, George Wirt, Thomas Von Muenster, Colleen Buckley, Joanne and Dan Long, The O’Hara Family, Bill Bezaire, Chris Bezaire, Linda and Bob Steenrod, Patrick Logue, Robin Tomchin, Chris DiAntonio, Todd Desatnick, Bill & Dorrie Laufman and so many more. Thank you!


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